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Name:joнn н. waтѕon
Birthdate:Mar 31

Full Name: John Hamish Watson
Occupation: Doctor (general practitioner); former army surgeon
Residence: 221B Baker Street, London
Abilities: Watson is a good shot with a revolver, and an excellent doctor and surgeon. Highly intelligent, he nonetheless lacks Holmes' eye for minutae and tends to express his emotions more easily.

History: John Watson took his medical degree at the University of London, before training as an Army surgeon. Once qualified, he was attached to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers as an assistant surgeon. Reattached to the Berkshire's, Watson was wounded by a Jezail bullet during the battle of Maiwand, and only escaped death at the enemies' hands thanks to his orderly Murray, who managed to evacuate him to behind British lines. While recovering in a base hospital in Peshawar, he contracted enteric fever, and after months near death and then convalescing, he was invalided back to Britain, where he sought work and lodgings. Looking to share accommodation to cut the costs, he was introduced to Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective, by their mutual acquaintance, Stamford. Holmes and Watson soon became close friends, and Watson took to accompanying Holmes on cases, becoming his unofficial chronicler.

Modern interpretation available, with John's service upgraded to recent Afghanistan conflicts. Bio cribbed from here. Muse and typist over 21.

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